About the Legacy Café Podcast

What It Is

Leave a Legacy? Isn’t that just about money… or being famous… or being dead?  No, no, no…

In researching his book – How will you be remembered? A Guide for Creating and enjoying your legacies now! – podcast host Robb Lucy talked to some fascinating people who broadened his view of legacy. Robb now knows that our legacies have some great benefits: they connect us to others; they enhance all our lives;  we’re fulfilled as we use all our talents and skills. And finally, we’re happier knowing those legacies will continue to benefit our descendants when we say our last goodbye… 20, 30, 40 years from now.

In the Legacy Café Robb will introduce you to some of those people: from ‘positive psychologists’ who tell us what makes us happy… to regular people who built fascinating legacies with just the skills and talents you and I have. From story tellers to finance people to those that have built and manage some of our biggest charities.  In these short and informal conversations your mind will spin with ideas on how to create and really enjoy your legacies now… not tomorrow.

What You'll Learn

The Legacy Café podcast is for people who like great conversations. Robb’s goal as your host is to invigorate your brain, your hands, and your heart. 

Your brain will say “I can do that”…. Or “here’s another idea that I love.”

Your hands represent the skills and talents you have, and will learn. They’ll focus and help you create new legacies in your life.

And finally your heart. If you’ve ever asked yourself “How will I be remembered?”, these conversations will help you create the legacies that will make your heart ‘soar like an eagle’ (thanks Chief Dan George).

Whether you’re married or single, in your first career or your last, a caregiver or genealogist,  a son or daughter with aging parents, a young person with friends who have great stories to tell, or a specialist building financial legacies for your clients… the Legacy Café is for you. Subscribe today so you don’t miss one podcast. You, your family, friends and descendants will thank you.

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