Your Legacy Team

The Legacy Café podcast is an initiative of three individuals who believe in providing you legacy-building education and resources to help you create and enjoy your legacies and their stories. Your legacies will connect you to others, enhance all your lives, and make you happier. Hundreds of years from now your descendants will say “Thank you for your story. We know you now. Your blood flows in us.”

The three of us are delighted to bring this life-affirming content to you at no charge.

Robb Lucy

The Legacy Café Podcast is hosted by Robb Lucy, author of the groundbreaking book, How Will You Be Remembered? The Definitive Guide to Creating and Sharing your Life Stories! Robb is a journalist, producer, story-finder and story-teller, giving him the unique ability to draw out inspiring conversations with top level guests.

His own legacy includes 25 years on local, national and international boards of the
Make-A-Wish Foundation, and he continues to help develop a variety of non-profits, including prostate cancer awareness and his local Search and Rescue team. Oh… and ask him about his corner garden legacy!

Robb’s goal is to educate and motivate listeners to start creating and enjoying their legacies and stories, Now. “Don’t wait for your eulogist to tell you what your legacies are!” says Robb. To learn more about Robb’s book, his speaking engagements, or engaging  his production company to gather and produce your family’s legacy stories, go here:

Tom Cormier

Tom Cormier is also co-founder of the Living Legacy Project. He pioneered the first ‘infotainment’ radio talk show, ‘Let’s Talk America’, with a focus on personal development, and airing on over 500 stations in the U.S. and Canada.

Dennis appeared as a guest on Tom’s show to share his story and sound an alarm that our family elders are unwittingly taking the greatest body of wisdom in history with them to the grave. To answer the call, the two entrepreneurs left their successful careers and joined forces to launch the Living Legacy Project. For the past decade, they have helped rescue countless stories through various initiatives that utilize the project’s free website and mobile app.

Now Tom, Robb and Dennis are leveraging their experience to create a truly powerful podcast that can make a difference in the lives of families today and tomorrow!

Dennis Stack

Dennis Stack is Co-Founder of the Living Legacy Project and former VP at UBS/Paine Webber.

“After losing my mother to Alzheimer’s and my father shortly after, I created a booklet of questions I wished I asked my parents.”

To help people avoid the same regret, Dennis used his booklet to develop a life story program for hospice, and trained over 5,000 caregivers who have given countless families the priceless gift of legacy for their loved ones.





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